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A。 The purpose of the perlite insulation mortar:

1. 珍珠巖保溫砂漿是一種國際廣泛應用的新型保溫、隔熱材料,經過高溫電爐膨化,由六臺微電腦全自動控制火山石礦砂膨化工藝過程,使礦砂表面形成硬化外殼,外

1. Perlite insulation mortar is a kind of widely used international new heat preservation, heat insulation material, by high temperature furnace puffing, six sets of microcomputer automatic control lava-rock ore puffing process, to form ore surface hardening of the shell, outside


Wall closed, internal crystallization water gasification, ore expansion for structure of circular hollow ball, the formation of obturator lava-rock perlite insulation mortar, the product has high strength, bibulous rate is quite low, only 50% - 85% (traditional product is 360% - 480%), obturator rate is greater than 95%, into a ball rate is 90%, 0.1 1.5 mm size, bulk density, 100-100 kg/m2, 0.047 0.054 w/m.k coefficient of thermal conductivity, cylinder pressure strength 38% to 46%, refractoriness 1280-1360 ℃. In refractory material, cement, resin, sodium silicate, such as gypsum cement easy dispersion, especially in the outer wall liquid system will make when using thermal insulation mortar flow performance is very good.

2. 在建筑墻體保溫節能方面,珍珠巖保溫砂漿保溫干砂漿,廣泛應用于房屋建筑內外墻體保溫。

2。 In the aspect of building wall heat preservation and heat insulation, thermal insulation perlite insulation mortar dry mortar, interior and exterior wall thermal insulation is widely used in building construction。

3. 該產品應用在耐火材料行業可用于生產0.6g/cm3輕質節能耐火磚,和各種超輕質節能耐火材料,可取代50%的漂珠,是替代漂珠的新型換代產品,不但可

3. The product is used in refractory industry can be used in the production of 0.6 g/cm3 light energy saving brick, and all kinds of super light energy-saving refractory, can replace 50% drift beads, is the new generation of alternative bleaching bead products, not only can


Improve the quality of products, and can reduce the production cost。 Due to the floating bead is expensive, drift beads perlite insulation mortar is less than a third of the price, and better performance than the drift beads, all refractory plant perlite bo to come to a large number of applications


Beads, and the production of perlite insulation mortar, production is only two over ten thousand of the demand, market prospects, demand is big。

4. 在建材行業中可用作保溫、隔音、絕熱、內外墻保溫沙漿,各類輕質裝飾板、吊頂板、GRC墻板、空心條板、復合墻體材料,目前在美國已開始應用于高層建筑隔墻,中間門,代替傳統隔墻,起到防火保溫作用。

4。 In the building materials industry can be used for heat preservation, sound insulation, adiabatic, external thermal insulation mortar, all kinds of light decorating plate, ceiling panels, GRC wall, hollow board, composite wall material, at present has been used in the United States in the high-rise building partition wall, door, middle instead of traditional partition, fire insulation effect。

5. 在飲料、啤酒、醫藥行業可用做過濾陶瓷、助濾劑等。

5. In the drinks, beer, pharmaceutical industry can be used as filter ceramic, filter aid, etc.

6。 在化工、爐窯制造業可用作熱力管道保溫、爐窯絕熱制品、保溫制品。

6. In the manufacturing of chemical, furnaces can be used as thermal insulation products, insulation products of heat pipe heat preservation, furnaces.

7。 軍事工業,可在乳化炸藥制造中取代價格昂貴的玻璃微珠。

7. The military industry, can replace expensive in emulsion explosive production of glass beads.

8。 在消防行業,可用于制作各種消防材料。

8。 In the fire industry, can be used in the production of all kinds of fire protection materials。

9. 火山石保溫砂漿在國外應用廣泛,我國火山石之一珍珠巖制品均為最原始的低檔非閉孔、半玻化、水滴狀上開孔狀態,非保溫砂漿膨脹產品。我廠經過多年研究,學習消化世界先進的技術,研制生產成功我國第一臺珍珠巖膨脹電爐,所有技術性能都達到世界最先進水平。采用微電腦程序工藝曲線高精度自動控溫,快速跟蹤落料狀態,自動輸出不同功率和輻射波長,完成礦砂在爐內自由落體運動過程中的不同燒結膨化結殼中空成球工藝曲線,確保全自動燒結過程產品完全合格。該產品投產

9. Lava-rock insulation mortar has been widely applied in foreign countries, our country lava-rock perlite products are one of the most primitive low-grade the obturator, half bo changes, water droplets form on the opening state, the expansion of insulation mortar products. I plant after years of research, study the digestion of the world's advanced technology, the successful development and production of our country the first perlite expansion furnace, all technical performance reached the world's most advanced level. Process curve of high precision automatic temperature control by microcomputer and fast track blanking, automatic output power and wavelength radiation, complete ore in different sintering furnace in the process of free fall within the puffing crust hollow pelletization process curve, automatic sintering process to ensure that product is fully qualified. The product production


Has run for five years, basic trouble-free, large output, high efficiency。


2. Perlite insulation mortar insulation mortar products


Perlite insulation mortar materials production of dry powder insulation mortar. With excellent heat preservation and heat insulation performance and fire heat resistant anti-aging performance, no empty drum craze. High strength. Construction can be used when adding water mixing, may directly apply on dry on the wall, good workability. Compensate for polystyrene particles and normal expanded perlite lightweight aggregate flaw and the insufficiency of the thermal insulation mortar and overcome the expanded perlite aggregate absorbent, easy pulverization, volume loss rate is big, easy to cause low late strength and empty drum cracking products, reduce the phenomenon such as thermal insulation performance, at the same time to make up for a polystyrene particles combustible organic material, fire prevention performance is poor, high temperature and produce harmful gases, weather resistance is low, the rebound in construction


Major defects, such as increase of the dry powder insulation mortar comprehensive performance and application properties。

1。 特性:

1。 Features:

1.1 中空球珍珠巖保溫砂漿是干粉材料,質量穩定可靠,容重輕,保溫性能好。

1.1 hollow ball perlite insulation mortar is dry powder material, quality stable and reliable, and unit weight is light, heat preservation performance is good.

1.2 強度高,不空鼓開裂,附著力強,施工周期短,并有良好的施工性能。

1.2 high strength, no empty drum craze, adhesion, short construction period, and good construction performance.

1。3 具有優良的防火,吸音,透氣,耐水,玻層彈性層耐凍等性能。

1.3 has good fire prevention, sound absorption, air permeability, water resistant, bo layer elastic frost resistance and other properties.

1.4 珍珠巖保溫砂漿為無機材料。環保無害,性價比高,綜合性能優,耐老化性好。

1。4 perlite insulation mortar for inorganic materials。 Environmental harmless, cost-effective, excellent comprehensive performance and aging resistance。

2。 適用范圍:

2. The scope of application:


Vacuum ball perlite insulation mortar is suitable for all kinds of inside and outside wall insulation and household wall, floor and channel. Thermal insulation in areas such as the basement and ground heating. Is suitable for applying in large module and a built-in. Heat preservation system of surface layer.

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